Studies upon studies point to the mouth as playing a major role in risk factors for many diseases. These studies are evidence-based scientific studies, and many are now being published in medical journals (not just in dental professional journals). The bottom line of most of these studies says the same thing. Dental infection (cavities, abscesses) and gum infection (gum disease, gingivitis) sets up opportunities for the development of deadly diseases (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many more). If you make sure your mouth is healthy, you reduce your risks for systemic disease. This sets the premise for Total Wellness Dentistry.

These studies are more recent (results in the last 10 years), and it takes a while for a profession to wholly embrace new science and the subsequent paradigm shifts even when the facts are solidly science based. So, unfortunately most dentists (and even most medical doctors) are unaware of this oral-systemic link. At Intown Smile Studio, our team understands the science, we keep ourselves updated with developments, and we implement the science into our daily practice. We understand we can positively affect the total health and wellness of our patients. We believe it is our responsibility to do so through education, along with preventive and progressive treatments. We wholeheartedly practice Total Wellness Dentistry for every patient every day.