Congratulations! If you suffer from Dental Phobia, and you have found this website, you have conquered the hardest part  understanding that you have a fear and that you need to conquer it requires Courage!

Great News! All dentists are “not” alike! If you have had a bad experience it doesn?t mean that you always will! Dentistry has advanced at an incredible rate and in the past several years many dentists have embraced technology that allows the patient to avoid the procedures that they fear the most. New Laser technology may allow some patients to avoid the use of injection needles and annoying drills.

Please use this page as a way to help you understand some of the common fears about going to the Dentist once again, understanding that you can conquer your fear is the biggest step that you can take toward a healthy and beautiful smile without the pain.

Our Practice employs the latest technology and we pride ourselves on making your visit an enjoyable one. Making you smile is what we do! Let us show you how easy it can be to go to the Dentist. Call today to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your needs on major dental procedures. I am hoping to see you soon.

Dr. Valerie D. Saulsbury D.D.S.

Common Dental Fears

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