Jennifer was very good at cleaning my teeth and had a very gentle touch that was effective and at the same time gentle to my gums. The follow-up visit on July 26 was equally satisfying. This was the first time in many years that I felt good after leaving the dentist’s office. I also appreciated Lauren’s follow-up call the next day to ask if I was doing well after the installation of my crown. Thank you for humoring what I now realize was a misplaced request to use less of the injection drug to numb my jaw. Whatever you used worked and then dissipated substantially quicker than whatever was used 20 years ago (when I last had work performed on my teeth). Since my first dental experience (at about age 10), through the many hours of repairs I endured as a teenager and young adult, I never felt good leaving the dentist’s office, except to simply be out of that damn chair. Dentist visits were punitive experiences to be endured as a consequence of adolescent escapades that resulted in injuries or less than adequate oral hygiene. Your staff made me feel like I was more than just a dental patient. On a higher level, they were not just friendly, they behaved as if we were friends. Dr. Val herself made a lasting good impression when she stood up to get a better view and to improve her working position to presumably do a better job on my teeth. In the preceding 50 years of male dentists, no one ever let his backside leave his little wheeled stool to do a better job. Please accept my thanks, not only for your professionalism and good work but for your kindness and friendliness extended to me during my visits.